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BikiniGames.tv is the international leader in bikini sport events and the world’s most popular site for professional bikini games.

BikinGames.tv runs a forty-two week regular season each year, featuring six contestants every four weeks with a year-end fan challenge event deciding the champion.

Bikinigames.tv was originally formed in 1984 as the United Bikini League with events in California and Florida.

The name was changed to BikiniGames.tv in 1985 and the games toured the USA South America, and Europe with a total of three hundred and fifty one contestants competing over the course of six and a half years. 

BikiniGames.tv is the only professional bikini competition sanctioned by the World Bikini Association and is widely considered the most watched bikini sport competition in the world with viewers in more than one hundred and fifty one and a half countries.

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